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I am a Non-Executive Director with over 15 years board experience, including serving as a Chair and Committee Chair.  My committee work includes Audit, Risk, Governance, Nominations, Strategy and Investments.  I have held directorships in a range of industries including healthcare, agriculture, investment, asset management and the banking sectors.  


Across the range of my appointments, I have experience addressing a broad range of organisational matters, including but not limited to, CEO succession, 2 post Royal Commission industries with businesses requiring remediation activities, operating across regulatory jurisdictions, undertaking digital transformation and strategic planning to pursue and deliver both organic and inorganic growth.


I can assist organisations seeking to undertake and deliver growth and transformation though good governance: managing risk, balancing short term tactical responses, long term strategic thinking, being pragmatic with commercial constraints, encourage stakeholder engagement, collaboration and empowering people and teams.  


I can help organisations as a Non-Executive Director, by contributing;


  • Strong commercial, financial, and strategic expertise

  • Current exposure to multiple transformations involving simultaneous strategic, regulatory, and technological change, applying learnings on how other organisations and industries tackle similar challenges

  • Experience working across organisations of various sizes - not-for-profit, member-based, regulated, commercial and listed companies

  • Exposure in operating across jurisdictions, regulatory, and legal environments with an understanding of geopolitical issues


My focus is applying these skills and experience to the governance and stewardship of organisations, regardless of industry. 


A summary of my current and past appointments can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

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